How do we manage your project?

Once the project and timeline have been approved and resources allocated on both sides, we will send you an invite to our project management software. We will use this platform to communicate, share information and monitor the project’s progress.

Each week, internal and external teams will discuss completed, ongoing and future actions.
In addition, we would also recommend the creation of a supervisory committee made up of members of your General, Marketing and Sales Departments as well as the Pack-2B management team.

How do you estimate return on investment (ROI) of marketing actions?

The actions are generally grouped into different categories: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Advertising (SEA) / Social Media Optimization (SMO) / Social Media Advertising (SMA). These include either free or paid referrals on search engines, as well as organic or paid presence on social media. We will set up a clear traceability system for each of these actions, which will allow us to identify the origin and the journey of each Internet user, from first exposure to your brand, conversion into a prospect and then into a customer.
Each action will have its own ROI projection, based on the average conversion rates for each type of campaign. We will measure each campaign’s ROI and update financial trade-offs to best match your initial ROI objectives.

How to guarantee return on investment (ROI) of digital marketing actions?

Digital marketing channels offer different goals and payment models. To guarantee ROI, we will preferably focus on conversion fees so that we only pay for the results achieved.
When this is not possible, we will proceed in two stages. First, we will carry out a test by committing a small percentage of your budget to a sample of your target. Then, based on the results, we will decide on the commitment of the remaining budget. This is often based on a 2% sample test before using the 98% remaining for the full campaign.

How does B2B digital marketing promote teamwork?

When implementing a B2B digital marketing strategy, your salespeople’s mission is combined with your marketing team’s. Their collaboration is essential to define all the stages of your conversion funnel in a win / win approach.
Marketers and Salespeople must define how they will support prospects (Leads) as well as the moment when a marketing prospect (whose needs are unclear) becomes a sales prospect (whose needs have been defined). This passing of the baton is fundamental.

Why are CRMs underused by salespeople?

In April 2020, Pack-2B carried out a survey showing that most CRMs currently in use are often viewed as "spy" or "snitch" tools by salespeople. The most common reason being that the implementation of these tools was decided by management and implemented by an outside company in conjunction with the IT department. Often the salespeople were not really consulted and find little to no use in using a CRM, and therefore neglect to use them properly.

What is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)?

This is a prospect (Lead) who matches the persona defined by your marketing team as potentially being interested in your solution, service or product.
The MQLs are under the responsibility of the marketing department.
They remain in the MQL category until they have expressed a need or dissatisfaction with their current solution.


What is a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)?

This is a prospect (Lead) who has expressed a need or in whom you have identified dissatisfaction with their current solution. The SQL are under the responsibility of the sales department, who manages the relevance of the messages and the scenarios so that your leads convert into customers.
Salespeople therefore intervene on highly qualified prospects, which increases their productivity and their level of success.


What is a conversion funnel?

This is probably the most important topic to understand in Digital Marketing. Unknown Leads usually come from the top of the funnel and you need to nurture them on their journey from brand exposure to consideration and then conversion.
To accelerate progress, we model and automate as much of the different paths that prospects will take.

What is Awareness in the Funnel?

The 4 main phases of the conversion funnel are Awareness > Consideration > Decision > Loyalty.

Awareness is at the top of the funnel (TOFU / Top of the Funnel).
Internet users look for information on the web that can help them solve a problem or meet a need. Internet users who will not immediately find the answer to their specific request will most often need to make generic queries to identify who can help them meet their needs.

To grab as much attention as possible and therefore Leads, you must present your offer from a general perspective to cast a wide net, while pointing out your specificities and other personalization options that will allow each prospect to find what they are looking for.
This stage includes SEO (search engine optimization). We will focus on reviewing your website to ensure it offers a good user experience, creating relevant BLOG articles and captivating landing pages and promoting expert content on social media networks.

What is the Consideration phase in the funnel?

The 4 main phases of the conversion funnel are Awareness> Consideration> Decision> Loyalty.
The Consideration phase is located in the middle part of the funnel (MIFU Middle of the Funnel).
At this stage, the prospect deepens his research and refines his selection of suppliers. He is ready to exchange contact details to receive information from potential suppliers he has identified.
To stay on top of your prospect and win against your competitors, you need to be able to meet their expectations as accurately as possible.
Your landing pages must include the possibility of filling out a contact form. Your blog posts and other content should restrict exit options and encourage contact. For example: a Chatbot can pop up on your web page or you can set up a phone call when your prospect has just sent you their contact form.

What is the Decision phase in the funnel?

The 4 main phases of the conversion funnel are Awareness> Consideration> Decision> Loyalty
The Decision is located in the lower part of the funnel (BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel).
This is the moment when your prospect has decided to buy but must choose their supplier. During this process, he will evaluate all the options available to him.
The role of your salespeople is fundamental here. Whatever the purpose of the funnel, this is the moment when listening to your customer’s needs will allow us to propose the necessary adjustments, customization elements and specific contractual clauses.

What is the Pack-2B Digital 360 ° Audit?

Our team will analyze all your existing digital marketing channels with regard to your strategic business objectives.
Our audit covers: analyzing your website as a conversion tool (UX / UI), analyzing your existing marketing, Inbound and Outbound channels, such as search engine positioning (SEO , SEA) and your activity on social networks (SMO, SMA). We will also study your Personas, Segmentation and Targeting in line with your sales channels.
All your existing performance will be compared against B2B digital marketing best practices in order to measure their use and identify opportunities for improvement as well as critical gaps.

How does Pack-2B work with you?

It is essential for us that your teams are autonomous at the end of our project. Whilst we are working with you, your teams are stakeholders in the solution we propose and its development. The result is an understanding of the different digital marketing channels and an appropriation of the processes at the service of your company and its specificities.
Pack-2B offers a hotline throughout the contract, as well as during the following two months to support your teams during their acquisition and empowerment phase.

How do we measure a mission’s success?

In addition to the implementation of the different channels, Pack-2B will create a dashboard bringing together the key performance indicators, their calculation basis and their measurement frequency, which are all necessary to manage your project. You can request the addition of specific indicators that you think are relevant. At the end of the mission, your teams will be able to understand and analyze the key indicators and be a proactive team member to ensure the sustainability of your marketing strategy.

How can training your teams in digital marketing be an investment for the future?

Pack-2B offers internal or inter-company upgrades so that your investment is sustainable. We recommend that your teams attend regular training sessions in the latest digital marketing tools, techniques and trends so that they can implement them internally and independently.
Internal company training is a personalized program to suit your specific need detected by a preliminary investigation. This initial audit will tell us what your stakeholders and management team need and want to learn to become autonomous.

Our inter-company training programs are established for three levels of digital marketing skills: beginner, intermediate, confirmed.

What are the specificities of B2B Digital Marketing?

Unlike B2C, which only targets one consumer at a time by using emotional vectors to encourage them to buy, in B2B, your customers are organizations structured into departments, in which staff follow rational procedures to select suppliers and products.
Previously it was the responsibility of salespeople to create and maintain relationships with all decision makers in order to convert them to your brand. The larger the customer base, the larger the customers, the less effectively sales reps can do this multi-level promotion work.
B2B digital marketing is intended to interact with all the stakeholders in a purchasing decision in a systematic and semi-automated way. This can potentially include all departments of the target business and not just the purchasing department.
Your salespeople are freed from long and tedious work. They can focus on their core business by bringing the final touch to the sales process where contractual or technical customization is needed.

Why is using B2B digital marketing a long-term strategy?

Because competition is strong, global, diffuse and unpredictable. Because no industry is immune to the emergence of a new business model that will reshuffle the cards.
By adopting the rules, codes, and processes of B2B digital marketing, you become focused on the experience of your customers and their relationship with your brand.
Your organization will be focused on anything that can make them prefer your brand over another. It's the best way to stay ahead of the curve, agile and adaptable whatever your competitive environment.


How can CRM become a salesperson's best ally?

In a B2B digital marketing optimization approach, CRM becomes the driving force behind the industrial development of prospects and customer loyalty.
When your teams take ownership of CRM, they free themselves from many low-value tasks. CRM, which has become their preferred tool, will allow them to easily follow and visualize the stages of the conversion funnel for each prospect or customer followed. CRM will also free up time for them to be on the ground in front of "hot" prospects and customers, thus increasing their productivity and their conversion rate.
CRM is essentially the responsibility of salespeople and marketers. It is up to them to define the interactions, the procedures, the messages that will best support prospects in their conversion and customers in their purchasing journey and then loyalty.

Why is it urgent to define a B2B digital marketing strategy for the packaging industry?

If the packaging is to live up to the product it contains or protects, its quality, price and level of service are important but are no longer sufficient. Your customers have a buying approach that also encompasses elements such as ease of doing business, what people say about you, your history of quality performance, your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy or your financial structure.
If the buyer retains leadership, it is more on the coordination of the internal purchasing process than on the purchase decision itself. So you need to lobby within your clients' organizations to get stakeholders to support you.
B2B digital marketing makes it possible to educate, inform and convert your prospects and customers in a holistic way within their organization. Digital marketing will build reassurance, buy-in and trust in your brand in a consistent, structured and semi-automated fashion.

What is Marketing Automation?

It is the automation of marketing campaigns whose scenarios (workflows) have been designed to move your prospects forward in their buying journey in order to convert them into customers.
Each scenario unfolds individually depending on the prospect's reaction. Thus personalized emails will accompany him, answer his questions and therefore increase his qualification score.
Marketing automation saves you valuable time as it automates the progression from MQL lead marketing to SQL sales lead stage.
Marketing automation is also used to build loyalty and to stay visible without harassing your customers and to be present at the right time when they are preparing for repurchase.

Why is loyalty building a crucial phase that should not be overlooked?

The 4 main phases of the conversion funnel are Awareness> Consideration> Decision> Loyalty
Loyalty is the ultimate part of the funnel (BOFU Bottom of the Funnel). It is known that the cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than the cost of retaining them (between seven and 20 times higher depending on the industry. We do not have the exact figure for the packaging industry).
Yet, many companies redouble their efforts to acquire new customers and paradoxically do not put so much effort into retaining existing ones.
Digital Marketing allows you to remain visible and to ensure your customers engage with your brand. We could also mention influencer marketing, by capitalizing on your best clients to become brand ambassadors as well as the creation of events or partnerships.

How does Pack-2B create your tailored package?

Our digital marketing team will meet with your team, including your sales and marketing representatives. This will help us take their needs and availability into account for your project.
We will compare B2B digital marketing best practices with the results of your 360 ° digital marketing audit and highlight your gaps and opportunities, including estimated ROI for each channel.
We will also measure the consistency of all digital, technical and immaterial interactions to establish an ad hoc recommendation that can be structured over a period of time, depending on your budget and the projected ROI per action.